Bright Education Center, Qatar, India


IIT Foundation Course

Bright Education Centre Qatar has special IIT Foundation Course for 8,9,10 class students to mould the students from the early stage to be ready for the IIT entrance examination.

Bright Features
  • Regular unit test to make sure student get good conceptual knowledge to prepare for the examination
  • Regular Objective Oriented tests to make sure student can attend maximum objective questions within specified time. This will help student to cover maximum questions.
  • Projector based classes to make the concept clear
  • Special doubt clearance cell to clear our students doubt at any time
  • Friendly and experienced teachers
  • Very good parent friendly applications to see a graphical view of student progress online
  • Timely attendance Reporting


Course Name  :  IIT Foundation Course
Qualification : 8,9,10 Class Students
Subjects : Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology